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[escepticos] Geller no se hizo rico encontrando petroleo

Uri Geller, según dijo en el programa Redes, no vendía sus libros por
el dinero, sino para ayudar a la gente a desarrollar su cerebro. Esto
hace que se le salten a uno los lagrimones, claro.
En el FAQ escéptico que podemos consultar en
leemos lo siguiente (siento no tener tiempo para traducirlo):

One of Geller's more (in)famous claims is that he has made millions by
finding oil. The following was posted by James Randi on this subject:

Geller SAYS that he has made fortunes with mining companies. When
CSICOP checked this out, it was found that only one mining company,
ZANEX, ever paid Geller, and that was far far less than the million
dollars he says he got from 11 mining companies. Dont always believe
everything that he claims, or didn't you learn that already?
Geller's stage appearances feature a range of stage magic. For more
details on how he does his tricks, read books by James Randi,
especially "The Truth About Uri Geller" (...)

Otra cosa que me hizo gracia, sobre la pretensión de que los
escépticos solo investigan casos de fraude, pero no "casos reales" de
fenómenos psíquicos.

A claim is sometimes made that the Skeptics movement only tests those
psychics which it knows to be frauds. The real psychics are supposedly
being ignored by skeptics who are afraid to be proved wrong.
(...) Hence this argument presents the skeptics with an ever-receding
target. The dialogue goes something like this:

Paranormalist: Yes, I concede that Mr. Adams is a fake, but what about
Mr. Brown. The things that he does could never be faked.

[Some months later]

Skeptic: Here is how Brown did it....

P: OK, I concede that Adams and Brown are fakes, but Mrs Carver is the
surely the real thing.

[Some months later]

S: Here is how Carver did it...

P: OK, maybe Adams, Brown and Carver were fakes, but what about Digby
and Ender?

S: I give up.  There's no convincing some people.

P: [shouting] Digby and Ender are real psychics: the skeptics are
afraid to test them.  They only test the fakes!

Pues eso, que el FAQ ese es cojonudo. Perdón: estupendo.

                                              Ernesto J. Carmena
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