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[escepticos] cachivaches cienciologicos (fwd)

Hola, hola.

Cosa curiosa leida en slashdot.org: a la Iglesia de la Cienciologia no le
viene bien que sus chorradas se subasten por internet.

eBay E-Meter Auctions Yanked

Does the Digital Millenium Copyright Act cover electrical religious
artifacts? Apparently the Church of Scientology thinks so. eBay has been
yanking auctions of e-meters because of complaints by the CoS. In response
to queries by a collector, eBay said "the Church of Scientology is giving
us Notices of Infringement, which we are legally required to honor. These
items are being ended for that reason." Does the DMCA really prohibit the
sale of these boxes?

(es bastante largo, sigue en

Saludos cienciologicos,

PD Por cierto, los que programen en Perl que sepais que es un lenguaje
posmoderno. Lo dice Larry Wall. (http://www.perl.com/pub/1999/03/pm.html)
Invito a los no-programadores a leerlo, creo que contiene reflexiones