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[escepticos] RV: Darwin Day (www.darwinday.org)

Os paso informacion sobre el DIA DARWIN de este año ... Hay que celebrarlo
(especialmente estos días, de la mano del Phylloscopus trochiloides, ese
pajarito cantarín del Asia que, leo por algún lado, ha proporcionado a los
biólogos el esperado ejemplo en marcha de especiación, qué cosas...)

javier armentia

From: Barry Karr <SkeptInq en aol.com>
Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 4:55 PM
Subject: Darwin Day (www.darwinday.org)

> Dear CSICOP List Reader,
> Following is information on how you can help celebrate the anniversary of
> birth of Charles Darwin.
> For more information contact:  Program Director Amanda Chesworth at
> a.human en mindspring.com
>  Next month will mark the 192nd anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. For
>  over a decade now, several groups throughout the US have been holding
>  of one kind or another to celebrate. Recently a Darwin Day program was
>  developed to provide a central location for these efforts and to take the
>  celebrations to national, if not international levels. The by-line for
>  program is an International Celebration of Science and Humanity. The main
>  focus of the program will be the promotion of science rather than the
>  defense of evolution against creationism. Several exciting projects have
>  begun, including a membership club entitled Darwin's Bulldogs, in
>  recognition of Thomas Henry Huxley and several contests with great
>  Another exciting project is to organize a huge celebration at Down House
>  the year 2009 - the bicentennial of Darwin's birth. Program Directors are
>  already in touch with Richard Dawkins and the Charles Darwin Trust Fund
>  make this happen. A line of merchandise is being produced and you can
>  Program Director Amanda Chesworth at a.human en mindspring.com to get your
>  postcard, professionally designed by Dave Feroe. Also use this email to
>  request more information about the Darwin Day Program. The website is
>  updated regularly with a variety of resources, information and worthwhile
>  projects. Visit www.darwinday.org to show your support and get involved!