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[escepticos] Quien es Tom Van Flandern

Sera este tambien un reverendo, bueno lo que si es que
he visto muy pocos (sobre todo entre los de habla
catellana) que tengan un curriculo parecido a este
doctor en ciencia, que de hecho no parece muy pseudo
esceptico, ni parece creerse mucho los mambo jumbos de
la cosmologia.
Sin duda, ante de hablar de ciencia y pseudociencia
deberian de preguntarse cuan cientifico, ustedes se
creen y prque se lo creen.

Tom Van Flandern.

Tom received his Ph.D. degree in Astronomy from Yale University
in 1969. He spent 20 years at the U.S. Naval Observatory, where
he became the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch. In 1991,
Tom formed a Washington, DC-based organization, Meta Research,
to foster research into ideas not otherwise supported solely
because they conflict with mainstream theories in Astronomy.
Tom is editor of the Meta Research Bulletin, which specializes
in reporting anomalies and evidence that does not fit with
standard theories in the field. He is also a Research Associate
at the University of Maryland Physics Department in College Park,
MD working on improving the accuracy of the Global Positioning
System (GPS).

North Atlantic Books is the publisher of Tom's 1993 book,
"Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets". A second edition
was published in 1999. As with his research papers, the book is
critical of many standard models in astronomy, such as the Oort
Cloud, the Dirty Snowball, and the Big Bang theory. Tom also
organizes the Eclipse Edge Expeditions to optimal solar eclipse
viewing sites.

During his career as a professional research astronomer, Tom has
been honored by a prize from the Gravity Research Foundation;
served on the Council of American Astronomical Society's Division
on Dynamical Astronomy; taught astronomy at the University of
South Florida and to Navy Department employees; been a consultant
to NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab; and done several spots for the
"Project Universe" series that continues to air occasionally on
public TV.

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