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[escepticos] offtopic. alucinando a colores

visitando esta web de juegos me encuentro con esto:

""One of our favorite scenarios is the                   South China Sea map,"
describes   Barnhart. In this level, terrorists
 playing the role of an Indonesian
 paramilitary force will board and
  attack a giant oil tanker while the
 counterterrorists - Australian
  Special Forces - have to drive the
   attackers off and save the ship.
   There are 32 such real-world
   terrorist groups and counterterrorist organizations that you can
       choose to play as. But what makes Global Operations unique is
        that each of these groups is specific to its respective map.


                   is, if you're playing in the Spain level, the
counterterrorist team will
                   always be Ertzaintza, and the terrorists will always be
                   separatists. "
francamente , al llegar aqui me he quedado sin palabras.

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