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[escepticos] 'Suje' de gran futuro

Si esto funciona, los del 'WonderBra' se van a tener que colocar en el
sector de limpieza urbana de parabrisas. Viene en el suplemento del
'Financial Times' de hoy. El suplemento tiene el muy apropiado nombre de
'How to spend it'. La noticia que incluyo -después de un trabajoso escaneo y
uso de un OCR prehistórico-, está en la pág 78.

Viene a cuento en la lista, porque los resultados son como para sentirse

Javier S.

Ever since Mary Tucker created the first "breast supporter"
in 1893, the quest for the perfect brassière has continued
unabated. Recently, we've seen liquid padding cleavage
cords and Bioform - a high-tech breast enhancer from
Charnos which has glass-reinforced polypropylene "keel"
and body-forming elastomer cups.
The latest technology comes in the form of the Brava
bra. Developed in the US by reconstructive surgeon Dr
Roger Khouri, the Brava system works on the vacuum
principle. Two hard plastic cups edged with a sticky
silicone gel are worn inside a sports bra under which
there is a computer controlled rechargeable power pack
which acts as a suction pump. According to the journal
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, wearing the Brava bra
for l0-14 hours every day for l0 weeks or more results
in larger, firmer breasts equivalent to about one cup size.
Positive results aside, let us hope that the Brava is not
programmed by Microsoft. Not only is the company's
name at odds with the desired effect of the brassière, but
wearers could find themselves with Windows instead of
cleavage. And would they need to press ctrl + alt +
delete when they want to remove the bra? The confusion
between silicon and silicone is destined to continue.