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[escepticos] FW: Smithsonian to air movie on "Intelligent Design"

Creo q el contenido del correo que reenvío puede ser de interés general.

Un saludo,

From: Linda Shallenberger [linda@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: martes, 31 de mayo de 2005 16:04
To: fcardador@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Smithsonian to air movie on "Intelligent Design"

(This item has been inserted into an already-active web page because it
involves a critical matter. I urge our readers to take action.) 

Reader Isabelle Vella Gregory, a student in Archaeology at the University of
Cambridge, is alarmed ? and rightly so ? at this development: 
The Smithsonian has gone absolutely insane. They are airing a movie on
"Intelligent Design" in return for a donation of $16,000 from the Discovery
Institute. Worse, they are claiming this money will help them fund science
research. See www.nytimes.com/2005/05/28/national/28smithsonian.html 
I have just sent the following email to the dear people at the Smithsonian.
I intend on being a major pain until they give up this nonsense:
Subject: Declining standards at the Smithsonian 

Dear Sir/Madam 
I am writing to you with reference to the Smithsonian's decision to air the
Discovery Institute's film on Intelligent Design. I have always believed
that the Smithsonian is one of the foremost institutions of learning, a
bastion for science, and a public institution. Your mission statement
clearly states that you want to promote "innovation, research and discovery
in science." It is thus impossible to comprehend why you have chosen to air
a film on ID. This volte face from your side undermines not only the way you
have consistently chosen to present the past and scientific discoveries, but
also your very integrity. 
What is even more appalling is that one of your spokespersons has been
quoted as saying:
The event should not be taken as support for the views expressed in the
film. It is incorrect for anyone to infer that we are somehow endorsing the
video or the content of the video.
I do not think you could be more incorrect if you tried. You know perfectly
well that a museum's raison d'être is extremely apparent in the way it
displays its material and the activities it organizes. That you would sell
your integrity for $16,000 dollars is not merely incomprehensible but also
I do hope that after your short sightedness you realized that your actions
will be taken to mean support for the ID movement. This, after many court
battles to keep creationism and ID out of science class, do you not realize
that you have also done a major disservice to the parents, educators and
scientists who have fought tirelessly against this nonsense? Do you not
realize that if ID had anything scientific to say they would publish their
"findings" in peer reviewed journals? Is it possible that the eminent museum
has no biologists to point out that ID is merely religious apologetics? 
Please do not treat us with contempt and mumble that you will use the money
for scientific research. You have just dealt science (and your public) an
underhanded, unwarranted blow. I wish you luck in dealing with the backlash.
We need to be alarmed and militant about this situation. The "Discovery
Institute" is the center of the Intelligent Design movement, which is only a
semantically-disguised support group for creationism. By donating a mere
$16,000, it has purchased the use of the Smithsonian facilities along with
their implied co-sponsorship of the film, "The Privileged Planet: The Search
for Purpose in the Universe." 
The Smithsonian Institution has a space-use policy that precludes certain
forms of religious presentations, regardless of donations that might be
offered. Yet it welcomes the opportunity to sponsor this blatant
"Intelligent Design" propaganda? The disclaimer that Ms. Gregory cites above
will do nothing to nullify the damage done by the Smithsonian. 
Though we cannot imagine what political external or internal pressure was
brought to bear on the Smithsonian to trigger this incredible blunder, we
can count on the creationists now crowing about validation from one of the
world's most trusted scientific authorities. If James Smithson were alive
today, judging from what he wrote in his diaries and letters, I believe he
would want his money refunded upon hearing of this travesty... 
Readers, do something about this. Please send an e-mail to giving@xxxxxx
addressed to Mr. Randall Kremer, Public Affairs. Tell him of your concern
over this situation. And, you might add that the JREF is willing to donate
$20,000 to the Smithsonian Institution if they agree to give back the
"Discovery Institute" $16,000 and decline to sponsor the showing of the
film. And the JREF will not require the Smithsonian to run any films or
propaganda that favor our point of view... 

Linda Shallenberger
Administrative Director
James Randi Educational Foundation
201 SE 12 Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316