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Re: [escepticos] [Fwd: ** "El manuscrito Voynich"]

Juan escribió:
En wired apareció un artículo sobre Gordon Rugg y cómo encontró el
"secreto" del manuscrito. (En inglés)


() Gracias, parece convincente..., a primera leída :-)

Una muestra de por donde van los tiros :

Then came Rugg. In three months, he cooked up the most persuasive explanation yet for the 234-page text: Sorry, folks, there is no code - it's a hoax! Lifelong Voynichologists were impressed with his reasoning and proofs, even if they were a little chagrined. "The Voynich is such a challenge," says Rugg, "such a social activity. But then along comes someone who says 'Oh, it's just a lot of meaningless gibberish.' It's as if we're all surfers, and the sea has dried up."