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Programa de escepticismo


Acabo de ver un programa para PC sobre escepticismo.
Lo baje del sitio de New York Skeptics (no recuerdo el nombre, pero era algo 
Aca mando la documentacion del programa para que vean de que se trata:

                     [this is the SCIENCE.DOC file]

The purpose of this short lesson is to get students to think about
what science is, and what it is not. The main theme of the lesson
is that science is founded on testable hypotheses, and that these
lead to theories and laws thwich remain subject to modification.
The student is asked to classify certain conclusions as hypotheses,
theories, or laws, and to decide whether certain statements fall
into the realm of science at all.  Finally, the lesson turns to
the theme of pseudoscience; several general features that help
characterize a field as science or pseudoscience are presented,
and the student is asked to decide whether each feature is more
descriptive of astronomy or astrology.

This lesson is taken from the author's Chem1 Concept Builder
Basic Series published by Chem1Ware Ltd., 7248 Ridge Dr.,
Burnaby BC  V5A 1B5  Canada.  It is offered to the general
public as one small bit of ammunition to use in the war
against scientific illiteracy and pseudoscience that we presently
don't seem to be winning.  For example, it was reported that
29% of the U.S. population claimed to believe in astrology
in 1976; by 1986, this figure had risen to 36%.

The batch file SCIENCE.BAT starts the lesson.

This lesson should run on any IBM-PC like system having a display
capable of showing 80 characters per line.  It contains no graphics.
The following files must be in the current directory:

The above files may be copied and distributed to others.  When doing so,
please include this file SCIENCE.DOC.

Stephen K. Lower - Dept of Chemistry - Simon Fraser University
Burnaby BC V5A 1B5    (604)-291-3353
E-Mail: lower en sfu.ca


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