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 De   : Juan Carlos Valero                  2:343/143.12    Jue 10 Oct 96 20:59 
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 Tema : AUFORA - Chinese Space Failures Aid Russians                            
El 10 Oct 96  15:25:43 hablabas de <AUFORA - Chinese Space Failures Aid

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AUFORA News Update
Thurday, October 10th, 1996

     from Nando Times <http://www.nando.net>

BEIJING (Oct 9, 1996 08:36 a.m. EDT) - China's recent string of satellite
launch failures may help Russia's commercial space drive, a senior Russian
space official said on Wednesday.

Russia should benefit from its strong space technology, despite lagging
behind China in turning technical expertise into commercial success, said
Vladimir Oumnikov of the Russian Space Agency.

"We have good prospects," Oumnikov told Reuters at an international
conference on astronautics in Beijing.

Asked if Chinese setbacks had helped the Russian programme, he said: "We
think so."

Although China once had a reputation for providing cheap and reliable launch
services, it has been stung by a series of launch failures.

China's commercial space drive suffered a setback in August when a
communications satellite failed to reach its orbit after launch aboard a
Long March 3 rocket.

Last February, an Intelsat satellite was destroyed in a spectacular
explosion as a Long March 3B rocket veered wildly seconds after launch from
China's Xichang space centre in the western province of Sichuan.

At least six people were killed and 57 injured in the incident, which also
destroyed 80 homes near the launch site.

In January 1995, a Long March rocket exploded, destroying the Apstar 2 
satellite it was carrying.

Last month, a Russian Proton rocket booster successfully launched a
U.S.-built satellite for the international telecommunications organisation
Inmarsat and a Proton-K booster rocket launched a satellite for domestic
telephone and television use.

"We think we have a good system for ensuring reliability," said Oumnikov,
who is deputy director for economic issues in the Russian Space Agency's
division of space projects.

Failures were common in the space industry and China was not the only
supplier of launch services to have such problems, the Russian official

He added that Russia needed to catch up with China, which has moved ahead
with economic reforms that have reduced the reliance on central planning and
expanded the role of the marketplace.

"We do not have enough experience in commercialisation," he said. "China had
a head start in this area."

Russia's parliament was expected to discuss by the end of this year a law
that would give a legal basis to the commercial space business, he said.

That would remove some of the legal obstacles to Russia's efforts to make a
profit from space technology, he added.

AUFORA News Update
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