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(fwd) Re: We`re all telepaths

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>El día Tue, 22 Oct 1996 15:32:22 -0700, en el grupo
>alt.paranet.skeptic Steve Hood <stevehood en langlib.demon.co.uk> dijo:
>CyberGuy wrote:
>> Telepathy has nothing to do with 'race' or body type. It is a native
>> ability of every spiritual being.
>I agree.
>I used to freak out my mates by sending numbers to my best friend`s
> Not a clue how we did it, but it worked.
>Anyway, we went our seperate ways (we were at boarding school) and
>passed.  I lost touch with him, and I told one of my other old mates
>forward my number.  Days passed, nothing happened.  So, one day I went
>for a walk and tried to transmit my number, etc with the message `Tim.
>Steve. <NUMBER>`.
>Next day, he phoned.  Not a surprise as he would have got the number
>the messgae I gave my other friend.  However, as we talked he began 
>telling me how he felt someone was following him, calling `Tim.` to
> He also had a dream the night before that someone was trying to
>Sorry if the story bored you, but it made me realise that we all have 
>some kind of telepathic ability, it`s just that in some of us we have
>be desperate before it can happen.
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