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Randi y la cinta Porno

The following has been transcribed from the James Randi Sex Tape which
I've advised the Internet that I have in my possession.  The segment
below is only the first party of the tape and might I suggest is quite
calm comparable to the rest of tape.  The remainder of the tape will be
submitted in segments whether by me or other sources.

The following is being posted to suffice those who have doubted such
tapes exist and have also been sent to the major news centers world-wide
for verification.

James Randi has stated in the public media that, a telephone company had
asked him to tape his conversations because he reported he was being
black-mailed, that he interacted with a police department who asked his
assistance and to many other explanations to be noted.  I have not asked
for his personal explanation to these tapes whatsoever.  From the
information which I have under affidavit the tape recording was
sanctioned by the courts of the US and in fact it was a police
department who recorded the contents of the tape I have in my possession
under a wire-tapping court order.  If this information is inaccurate
then I apologize to all concerned but I don't believe that is the case.

In Geller vs Randi not only was this transcript submitted into court but
the tape recording was heard as well.  Geller testified that he had also
seen explicit pictures of James Randi in sexual encounters with young
men which had been shown to him by the Monson Police Department.  These
are the facts of the case and can be verified.  In the civil action
between Bryd vs Randi these same transcripts were also part of the
proceedings and were verified by the court.

Therefore, is there a reason to diminish the reputation of the publics
perception of James Randi or is there a reason to question exactly who
and what this man stands for.

Earl Curley
psychic en globalserve.net


VOICE:	Donald?


VOICE:	Listen, I called you about a couple of weeks ago, you know, to
see if we can get together.  You told me to call you back.  I called you
back, but you weren't home.  I was wondering if you can get down this

RANDI:	Oh, who's that?

VOICE:	Well, I didn't want to tell you my name, or anything, but I
called from the Board Walk.  Remember I told you I had to go to a

RANDI:	Oh yah, yah.  I was late getting home that night.  I didn't know
whether you called me or not.  Any chance you getting on to Red Bank?


RANDI:	I sort of have got to wait here.  Saturdays are sort of hard for
me to get away because I will be getting lots of phone calls from
different places on Saturday night, so I've got to stick around.  Where
are you?

VOICE:	Bayridge.

RANDI:	Oh.  So if we get together what are you interested in?

VOICE:	Whatever you want to give.

RANDI:	Oh yah, what else that includes?

VOICE:	Oh well, it's up to you.  I don't care.

RANDI:	You've got to tell me what you like.

VOICE:	I like anything.

RANDI:	For instance?

VOICE:	F**k and s**k and everything.

RANDI:	Do you blow?  How many inches have you got?

VOICE:	I beg your pardon?

RANDI:	How many inches have you got?

VOICE:	Seven.

RANDI:	How tall are you?  How much do you weigh, and everything?

VOICE:	6'11"

RANDI:	What do you weigh?

VOICE:	180.

RANDI:	How are you built?

VOICE:	Pretty good.  there is a lot to feel.

RANDI:	What?

VOICE:	there is a lot to feel.

RANDI:	Where?

VOICE:	All over.

RANDI:	Oh well, quantity isn't important - quality that counts.  When
was the last time you had it?

VOICE:	Oh, I go often.  I usually go to eat to the shopping center.

RANDI:	Oh yah, usually meet somebody there?

VOICE:	I usually go every Saturday and pick up somebody.  I couldn't get
there today, so I figured I'll give you a ring.

RANDI:	Well, why can't you come to Red Bank?

VOICE:	Oh, I can't, see - I have to get home by 5pm because we are
expecting company.

RANDI:	Oh, well where can I meet you?

VOICE:	Can you get down to the Broadwalk here?

RANDI:	Well, probably, yah.  When, tomorrow?

VOICE:	You know where the Spy is?

RANDI:	The what?

VOICE:	The Spy.  It's a small restaurant on the Broadwalk.

RANDI:	No, I don't know.

VOICE:	You know where the arcade is?


VOICE:	Well, there is a little restaurant next to the arcade.  It's
called the Spy, that's where you were - that's where I've got your
telephone number.

RANDI:	Oh yah.

VOICE:	There are three benches in between these two buildings.  I will
be sitting on the middle one.

RANDI:	What will you be wearing?

VOICE:	I've got a navy-blue jacket on and a white blue pants, and white

RANDI:	So, will we have much time, if I go to pick you up?

VOICE:	Yah, will have plenty.

RANDI:	You know some place we can go?

VOICE:	right end of the Broadwalk there is a little place we can go in. 
there is nobody on the Broadwalk, I think.

RANDI:	What if I drive you around in the car, can you do a blow job on

VOICE:	What?

RANDI:	If I drive you around in the car will you do a blow job on me?

VOICE:	Around where?

RANDI:	We'll find some place to drive - will you be satisfied with that?

VOICE:	Yah, I guess so, if you give one back.

RANDI:	Well, we'll see.  Ok, it's 20 after 3.  How about if I see you
there at 4?

VOICE:	Ah, can you make it a quarter of?

RANDI:	Em, I don't think I can get there quite soon enough.

VOICE:	Alright, 4 o'clock, then.

RANDI:	I'll be as soon as I can.

VOICE:	I'll wait, alright?

RANDI:	Alright.

VOICE:	Yah.  If I am not there, just sit on the middle bench there. 
I'll sit down and then you will recognize me.

RANDI:	Well, I tell you, I'll just keep driving around till you show
up.  alright?

VOICE:	Alright.  You might not be able to see me there because there is
a golf course.  It's over there like a golf course little building.

RANDI:	Oh yah, you just stay on the middle bench anyway, and I'll find


RANDI:	Alright.




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