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[escepticos] RV: Scientology offers web site $12 million to close down!

Hay por ahi credulopatas que manejan mucho dinero....

> De: FACTNet International <factnet en rmi.net>
> A: Recipient list suppressed
> Asunto: Scientology offers web site $12 million to close down!
> Fecha: miércoles 27 de agosto de 1997 20:11
> Scientology offers web site $12 million to close down!
> Scientology recently offered $12 million to FACTNet, an Internet 
> library providing information on the dangers of mind control and cults,
> including information critical of Scientology. FACTNet's directors 
> turned down Scientology's proposal, because it contained terms they 
> considered unacceptable. Among the long list of terms were closing 
> FACTNet, turning over its databases to Scientology, terminating the 
> current Scientology vs. FACTNet litigation (initiated by Scientology), 
> and lifetime personal restrictions on the directors, such as never again
> criticizing Scientology. Although FACTNet declined the offer, the 
> organization took it as a sign of continued success in providing 
> much-needed information to the world about free thought, free 
> speech, mind control, cults, and Scientology. 
> For details on Scientology's $12 million buy out offer and its
> implications, see:
> 	<http://www.factnet.org/Scientology/settlement.htm>