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[escepticos] Interesante libro de S.J. Gould

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> De: jgoldstein en mailcity.com
> Grupos de noticias: sci.skeptic
> Asunto: race, head size, and Steven J. Gould
> Fecha: domingo 2 de noviembre de 1997 6:41
> I recently read Steven J. Gould's "The Mismeasure of Man."  It is a
> very interesting book, and although the book definitely has a point of
> view, Gould seems fairly honest in his presentation of many subjects.
> Early on in the book, Gould describes studies that have been done that
> attempted to relate skull and/or brain size with race.	Gould shows
> fairly convincingly that many of the studies were infected with the bias
> of the experimenter, and the experimenter's bias towards having Europeans
> with the biggest skulls and/or brains.
> One study caught my attention, though.	In that study, the experimenter
> was painstakingly careful to accurately measure skull capacity.  He went
> to great lengths to develop a measuring technique that was objective and
> reliable.
> The experimenter rejected the results of his study, because it had Asian
> skulls as slightly larger than those of Europeans.  (He also found
> European skulls to be larger than those of Africa.)
> Nevertheless, the results are fascinating in light of modern knowledge
> about IQ, which has Europeans (avg about 100) higher than Africans (avg
> 80-85), but lower in IQ than Asians (avg 100-105).
> Jon Goldstein
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