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[escepticos] (Fwd) Things from The Sharper Image Catalog

Mirad qué cosita:

 But the winner is definitely...

 "Did you ever wish you could turn a 1995 wine into a 1987 vintage?
 Well, we can't promise that this new Vintage Enhancer will do
exactly that.  But in tastings conducted by an independent wine
testing lab, wines receiveing the Vintage Enhancer treatment scored
higher overall than the same wines without treatment.
 Developed by a Swiss scientist, Vintage Enhancer employs a patented
magnetic process that ionizes molecules to reduce the acid level of
beverages and reveal more fruit essences.  Without chemicals or
additives, it safely reduces pH levels, enhancing taste as if the
beverage had been cellared for years.
 Simply place your corked bottle of wine in Vintage Enhancer and
switch it on.  Enhancing takes only 30 minutes or less (depending on
the type of wine) followed by a 15-minute "resting" period."

Dedicado a todos aquellos que pensaban que las tonterías del agua
imantada sólo colaban por aquí.


Fernando L. Frías Sánchez
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