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[escepticos] IMANES

 Os atacheo el abstract que he encontrado en el Medline del estudio sobre el
efecto de los imanes en el dolor. Si no llega bien me lo decis, que para mi
la informatica es como un saber esoterico en el que aun no he sido iniciado.


Jose March
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<P><em>Arch Phys Med Rehabil</em> 1997 Nov;<strong>78(11):</strong>1200-1203  <P><h2>Response of pain to static magnetic fields in postpolio patients: a double-blind pilot study.</h2>
<P><h4>Vallbona C, Hazlewood CF, Jurida G</h4>
<P>OBJECTIVE: To determine if the chronic pain frequently presented by postpolio patients can be relieved by application of magnetic fields applied directly over an identified pain trigger point. DESIGN: Double-blind randomized clinical trial. SETTING: The postpolio clinic of a large rehabilitation hospital. PATIENTS: Fifty patients with diagnosed postpolio syndrome who reported muscular or arthritic-like pain. INTERVENTION: Application of active or placebo 300 to 500 Gauss magnetic devices to the affected area for 45 minutes. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE: Score on the McGill Pain Questionnaire. RESULTS: Patients who received the active device experienced an average pain score decrease of 4.4 +/- 3.1 (p &lt; .0001) on a 10-point scale. Those with the placebo devices experienced a decrease of 1.1 +/- 1.6 points (p &lt; .005). The proportion of patients in the active-device group who reported a pain score decrease greater than the average placebo effect was 76%, compared with 19% in the placebo-device group (p &lt; .0

001). CONCLUSIONS: The application of a device delivering static magnetic fields of 300 to 500 Gauss over a pain trigger point results in significant and prompt relief of pain in postpolio subjects.
<P>Publication Types:<BR>
<LI>Clinical trial
<LI>Randomized controlled trial
<P>PMID: 9365349, UI: 98032053
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