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[escepticos] (Fwd) Transcript of a Speech

Algún año conseguiré ponerme al día y contestar a un par de mensajes
que tengo por ahí. Mientras tanto, entreteneos con esto:

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------

Stellarfusionists seem tireless in their efforts to keep our children
from learning about Ovationism. As you know, the theory of
Stellarfusion claims that the sun is made of hot gas, and that the Sun
and stars generate their heat by nuclear fusion.

Of course, as we all know, the Sun is actually a giant egg-yolk. We
know this because it really looks like a giant egg-yolk, and because
it says so in our Holy Scribule "The Book of Thunch."  I'm pleased to
see that many of you have brought your Thunches with you. Keep them on
your laps where you can thump them. I promise you'll have plenty to
thump about.

Stellarfusionism claims that the construction of working hydrogen
bombs is evidence that it is correct. The explosions supposedly
reproduced solar events, right here on earth. Now, what is it we
actually observe? We observe that the sun looks like an egg-yolk!
You've all seen films of hydrogen bomb tests. Did any of them look
like an egg-yolk?

(Vigorous Thumping)

The sun's mass is a about a miilion times that of the earth, but its
diameter is only about a hundred times the earth's. Volume varies as
the cube of the diameter, so how do you get so much mass in so small a
volume?  The stellarfusionists' only way out of that one is to say
that the gas is a hundred times the density of water. Can you imagine
something a hundred times more dense than water, that is still a gas?
I sure can't!

Now if Stellarfusion were true, the sun would give off a lot more
energy than we see. Unfortunately, the theory doesn't match
observation. That's no problem for the stellarfusionists - they invent
neutrinos to carry off that energy we can't see. What's a neutrino?
It's got no mass; it's got no charge; it can hardly be said to exist
at all, except to account for all that extra energy. Talk about ad

(Thumping, Applause, and Stamping of Feet)

Stellarfusionists are big boosters of Occam's Razor - when it suits
their purpose. But somehow they adhere to their theory, which is
fraught with complexity upon complexity, and reject Ovationism which
couldn't be simpler: what you see is what you get.

According to the Theory of Stellarfusion, the sun has been making
helium for more than four billion years. There should be a whole lot
of helium by now. Observation fails to confirm the theory. Why don't
the sun's spectra show all that extra helium?  Here, the
stellarfusionists pull another adhoc out of the hat - they tell us
that the helium is made in the center of the Sun where we can never
see it, and that most of it stays there. Ovationism predicts that if
the sun were an egg-yolk, it would look like an egg-yolk. And it does.

(A Thunder of Thumping. Many Sprained and Fractured Laps.)

The worst argument that stellarfusionists use isn't an argument at
all. It's the smear. I say categorically, that only a small minority
of Ovationists still believe the moon is made of green cheese.

(At this point, Thumping Thunches set off seismic alerts from San
Diego to Seattle.)



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