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[escepticos] RV: New skeptical website

Os acordais de Tim Tratchett???? Pues aqui la web de los escepticos

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De: Tim Trachet <101352.1632 en compuserve.com>
Para: Europese skeptici <skeptics en gwup.org>
CC: Barry Karr <SkeptInq en aol.com>; Paul Kurtz <PaulKurtz en aol.com>; Marcel
Ulrich <ulrich en club.innet.be>
Fecha: miércoles 11 de febrero de 1998 9:15
Asunto: New skeptical website

>It is my great pleasure to announce you the creation of a website of the
>Belgian skeptical association SKEPP.
>You find it at   http://bewoner.dma.be/skepp
>The site is in Dutch. Some explanations in other languages will be added
>We already made links with most of the European and some other skeptical
>websites. Can you do the same for us?
>Tim Trachet
>chairman of  SKEPP