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Re: [escepticos]Philippe Lagarde-Cáncer-Test de Heitan-Lagarde

Enrique Barrueco ha escrit:
¿Alguien tiene una opinión formada sobre las tesis del Dr. Lagarde en relación con el cáncer?
¿Algún hematólogo sabe si el conocido como Test de Heitan-Lagarde tiene alguna base o está aceptado?

Recibo de otra lista a la que he acudido en SOS, lo siguiente desde la
Gran Bretaña:

Claude Lagarde es el nombre de un profesor frances, uno de sus biografos D Marré
AE Lagarde estudió los factores mitogénicos del Ph intracellular.
Te adjunto lasa dos apariciones del nombre Lagarde en MEDLINE.
A ver si sirve de algo...
Unique Identifier

Szwergold BS. Brown TR. Freed JJ.
Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19111.
Bicarbonate abolishes intracellular alkalinization in mitogen-stimulated 3T3

Journal of Cellular Physiology. 138(2):227-35, 1989 Feb.

An increase in intracellular pH (pHi) following mitogenic stimulation has
been reported in a variety of mammalian cells (W. Moolenaar, Annu. Rev.
Physiol., 48:363-376, 1986; E. Rozengurt, Science, 234:161-166, 1986). This
increase is currently believed to constitute a "permissive" signal in the
process of cell activation (A.E. Lagarde and J.M. Pouyssegur, Cancer
Biochem. Biophys. 9:1-14, 1986). Since the majority of studies of this
phenomenon have been conducted in the nonphysiological milieu of
bicarbonate-free solutions, we have undertaken a study of the effects of
bicarbonate and CO2 on mitogen-induced intracellular alkalinization in NIH
3T3 cells. Using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and novel 31P
NMR pH indicators (2-amino-phosphono-carboxylic acids) we found that mitogen
induces an increase in pHi of 0.16 units only in cells bathed in medium
containing low concentrations of bicarbonate (less than 1 mM) and not in
cells bathed in medium containing physiological levels of bicarbonate (10-30
mM). In addition to abolishing the mitogen-induced alkalinization,
bicarbonate stabilizes pHi at 7.25 units as the external pH (pHe) is varied
from 7.0 to 7.6. In contrast, in a bicarbonate-free medium pHi increases
from 6.9 to 7.3 over the same range of external pHs. At a constant external
pH, increasing the bicarbonate/CO2 concentration results in an increase in
pHi from 6.9 in bicarbonate-free solution to 7.25 in a bicarbonate-buffered
medium. This relationship is hyperbolic with half-maximal effect occurring
at a concentration of 0.4 mM bicarbonate at pH 7.05 and 37 degrees C. Our
results suggest that the observations of mitogen-induced alkalinization may
be due to the use of nonphysiological bicarbonate-free media. Since this
increase in pHi is not observed in physiological media where bicarbonate
concentrations are usually greater than 20 mM, we conclude that an increase
in pHi is not an obligatory or usual part of the cellular response to growth
factors in vivo.

Unique Identifier

Marre D.
Institute Bergonie, Bordeaux.
[Claude Lagarde]. [French]

Original Title
Le professeur Claude Lagarde.

Bulletin du Cancer. 83(4):251-2, 1996 Apr.

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MeSH Subject Headings
History of Medicine, 20th Cent
Radiotherapy / hi [History]
Personal Name as Subject
Lagarde C.


Publication Type
Biography. Historical Article. Journal Article.


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Pues eso: a ver si sirve de algo. Iré reenviando lo que vaya recibiendo.

Saludos realmente escépticos.

Josep Català