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[escepticos] CD "free" del todo...

A aquell en s corraler en s que les interese el tema de los transgénicos, les hago
llegar la siguiente información: regalan un CD que, por las referencias que
tengo, parece que es muy didáctico.

Saludos gratuitos.

Josep Català

------------>  "C. S. Prakash" ha escrit:

>  There is a new CD-ROM entitled "A Short Course on Biotechnology,"
> specifically developed for educational presentations.  This is an
> excellent presentation aimed at general audience and introduces them
> to the concepts and applications in the use of biotechnology to
> develop betters crops and food. The presentation can be done manually
> and also has the option for 'self-running' plus includes printable
> presentation script with or without images.
> I think this would greatly help you in your presentations on
> agbiotech at your local schools or even talking to the media.
> The producer of this presentation, National Biotechnology Service
> Center,  has agreed to make this CD-ROM freely available to AgBioView
> scientists.  It will work in both Windows and Mac operating systems.
> See the short description below.
> Please call 1-888-989-4246 to request the disc. For those outside
> North America, please write to the following address requesting the
> CD-ROM "A Short Course on Biotechnology" :
> Biotech CD-ROM
> Po Box 7628
> Des Moines, IA 50322, USA
> (Sorry, they do not entertain an email request and PLEASE DO NOT
> direct any requests to me.)
> Yours,
> Prakash
> -------------------------
> "A Short Course on Biotechnology," is an educational presentation on CD-ROM.
> Presentation audiences will learn why biotech products are safe, why they're
> better than conventional products, and why biotech offers so much promise
> for our future. "A Short Course on Biotechnology," educates about the
> benefits of biotechnology and helps erase misconceptions that audiences may
> have about biotechnology.
> The CD-ROM contains "A Short Course on Biotechnology" presentation with a
> printable script for live delivery, and "A Short Course on Biotechnology"
> self-running presentation, with narration.
> Call 1-888-989-4BIO (1-8888-989-4246) to order a copy of this
> educational tool. or write to PO Box 7628, Des Moines, IA 50322