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[escepticos] MacDonalds, Pepsi y "potatos"

Entre la alimentación y la pornografia gastronómica....

Buen provecho (si es posible...)

Josep Català


> McDonalds asks cos to stop using Monsanto potato-WSJ
> NEW YORK, April 28 (Reuters) - Fast-food chains including McDonald's Corp
> (NYSE:MCD - news) are telling their french-fry suppliers to stop using
> Monsanto Co.'s genetically modified potato, the Wall Street Journal reported
> in its online edition on Friday.
> J.R. Simplot Co, a major McDonald's supplier, has told its farmers to stop
> growing the potato developed by Monsanto, which is now a part of Pharmacia
> Corp (NYSE:PHA - news).
> PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP - news) unit Frito-Lay Co, said on Thursday that it was
> asking its farmers not to grow genetically modified potatoes this year, the
> Journal said. Earlier, the company told its corn farmers to stop growing
> genetically modified crops.
> The modified crops are easier to grow and heartier than conventional
> varieties.
> Critics have raised questions about the safety of modified crops and their
> impact of the environment. Studies show many U.S. consumers want labels on
> foods that contain genetically modified ingredients.