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[escepticos] Russian UFO Research Declassified

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A recent article in "Skeptical Briefs" Vol 10, No. 4 titled "A History of
State UFO Research in the USSR", by Yulii Platov and Boris sokoliv  finds
that, "Practically all of the mass night UFO sightings were conclusively
identified as phenomena caused by rocket launches and test of aerospace
    One of the more famous sightings, called The Petrozavodsk Incident, was
finally attributed to the launch of the Kosmos 995 satellite from the
cosmodrome in Plesetsk, USSR. There are several other Kosmos launches that
gave night sky witnesses something to shout about.  Several Soviet balloon
flights were causes of UFO chases by Soviet military aircraft.
    Luckily the US and other European countries are still ahead with
"contacts," actual "landings," and of course abductions. Seems actually
landings in the USSR are prohibited by alien pilots.
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