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[escepticos] La vida cotidiana

Esto ha aparecido hoy en el periódico del campus, en la sección de Cartas al
Director. Aunque no es un ejemplo típico de lo que se lee, tampoco es un
caso aislado ni mucho menos. Yo no digo nada; bastante he tenido con
copiarlo :-P

***********Empieza Transcripción******************
Atheist Government

Government by the politicians, for the politicians must come now to an end.
The barbaric wars of intervention, the extortionary taxes, the eloquent
lies, the shakedown of business for campaign contribution as well as the
perpetual manipulation of the American people by the amoral politicians and
their hidden special interest sponsors has become intolerable.
Wars are initiated by presidential politicians to enhance their historical
image and poll numbers, c.f. Operation Desert Storm or the inconstitutional
war against Yugoslavia. Fictional threats to national security are invoked
by purchased politicians to justify foreign military actions and the
continued development of the immoral chemical, biological and nuclear
weapons of mass anihilation.
Trillions of tax dollars are channeled to create a non-Christian New World
Order where God is cast aside as He already is in public education and at
the United Nations. Terrible moral crimes such as abortion are legislatively
sanctioned by the compromised politicians, facilitated by corrupt court
decisions rendered by the politically appointed judges and paid by illicit
Well over 50 percent of the American children of God are directly or
indirectly dependent on some level of atheistic government for a mindless
job of bureaucratic dole supplied by Franklin Roosevelt?s Social Security or
the multitude of degrading assistance programs abused by the recipients and
providers. Consequently, a humble dependancy upon God as the omnipotent
Father and a prayerful trust in his merciful Son have been vanquished by
secular government´s involvement in the individual?s personal life.
Political government has evolved into the contemporary idol of worship where
?religious services? are held at the temples of the White House, the U.S.
Capitol and the 50 state houses attended by the devout parishioners of the
news-entertainment society.
The politicians? programs of counterfeit compassion have spawned massive and
heartless bureaucracies staffed by parasitic lifers who choose to not use
their God-given talents. The president of the universe will hold the
bureaucrats accountable.
The solution: pray that God will finally exorcise the political atheists and
through a bold prophet similar to St. Joan of Arc bring forth a Christian
King faithfully submissive to the Gospel who will build the City of God as
proclaimed by St. Augustine.
Washington Green, Conn.
*************Termina Transcripción****************

Morwen, que por una vez no sabe qué postdata poner.