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[escepticos] Un muy misterioso asunto. (para mi)

 DOOM 3 will use P2P System? (Score:5, Informative)
by James Foster on Sunday August 25,  en 09:48AM (#4136351) Alter Relationship
(User #226728 Info | http://www.clogo.cjb.net) Why is there a question mark after the title of this? It's been stated by id, that DOOM 3 will use a peer-to-peer network architecture. There's nothing uncertain about that.
This has been known for around about an entire week now... it's been stated multiple times.

Also, to clarify, when they say "peer-to-peer", they don't mean a network of users like Kazaa or file sharing applications, they mean that it is client-to-client as opposed to client-to-server.
The best way of thinking about DOOM 3's multiplayer is as being the same as the original DOOM's multiplayer. 4 players, and no such thing as a "server".
The only actual uncertainty is the 4 player limit. It was initially mentioned, but now Willits has said that it is scalable beyond that... This is unclear as we don't know if he means that the game can go beyond that, but the network code is ideal for 4 players, or means that the game will have a hard limit of 4 players, but mods and games based on the engine will be able to scale beyond 4 players.

Also, it is known for definate that once a game has started, additional players cannot join. This limitation is due mainly to DOOM 3's physics engine. Basically, there is so much physics data that would need to be synchronised, that if a player had to "catch up" with the physics data, it would probably be a lot of data to send, and since it's constantly changing data, it is likely that as the player recieves the data, it becomes invalid.

It will be interesting to see how other games deal with the problem of physics data. As physics engines in games become increasingly complex, it will become harder for programmers to cope with players joining a game that has already started. Perhaps if all games employed "rounds" (like Counter-Strike), then player's wouldn't have to wait long until the game restarts and they can start playing. This already has to happen when a player joins a Counter-Strike game that's already in play.

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Estoy en el "negocio" de hacer motores 3D y no tengo ni putisima idea de porque habria de ser necesario
reiniciar un juego para incluir un jugador mas. Probablemente tenga que ver con que se construyen modelos
matematicos de matrices que tienen en cuenta todos los elementos iniciales. Si hay aqui alguien que sepa
bastante de fisica, y de matematicas y de informatica y de motores 3D quizas me lo pueda aclarar.

nada mas.