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[escepticos] RE: [escepticos] hallan la región cerebral vinculada a las experiencias extracorporales

Se trata de apenas una página de Nature, una comunciación breve. Pego,
seguidamente, la sinopsis hecha por el gabinete de prensa de Nature:

Many people report experiences of 'leaving' their body and watching it from
above. Now Swiss researchers, writing in a Brief Communication in this
week's Nature, report that they have found the brain centre that may trigger
this phenomenon.
Neurologist Olaf Blanke and his colleagues of Geneva University Hospital in
Switzerland were using electrodes to stimulate the brain of a woman during
her treatment for epilepsy. Exciting one spot - the angular gyrus in the
right cortex - repeatedly caused out-of-body experiences. "I see myself
lying in bed, from above," she told them. When asked to lift and look at her
arm, she thought it was trying to punch her.
Blanke suspects that the angular gyrus may match up information from the
visual system, which sees the body, and those that create the mind's
representation of the body using touch and balance information. When the two
become dissociated, an out-of-body experience might result.