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[escepticos] Acupuntura que me has hecho mal, y sin embargo te quiero

      Acaba de aparecer en Nature:
   Acupuncture activates the brain
   Andreas von Bubnoff
Medicinal use of needles does more than placebos.
   Acupuncture has a measurable, if mysterious, effect on the brain, UK
scientists have found. The study adds to evidence that patients benefit from
acupuncture not simply because of their expectations.
   The research team used brain imaging to show that treatment with genuine
needles activates brain areas beyond the ones that light up when trick
needles are used. "This is the first brain-imaging study that has shown an
effect beyond placebo," says George Lewith, an expert in complementary
medicine at the University of Southampton who led the study.
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   Ya veo que pronto descubren que se pueden mover objetos con la mente y
tenemos que cerrar la lista.
   Claudio Andrés Uribe