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[escepticos] Rentabilidad de las terapias alternativas

   Apareció ahora en BioMed:
   Abstract (html):
   Artículo (47pgs, 224Kb, pdf):
   These exemplary studies indicate CAM therapies that may be considered
cost-effective compared to usual care for various conditions: acupuncture
for migraine, manual therapy for neck pain, spa therapy for Parkinson's,
self-administered stress management for cancer patients undergoing
chemotherapy, pre- and post-operative oral nutritional supplementation for
lower gastrointestinal tract surgery, biofeedback for patients with
"functional" disorders (eg, irritable bowel syndrome), and guided imagery,
relaxation therapy, and potassium-rich diet for cardiac patients.
   Whereas the number and quality of economic evaluations of CAM have
increased in recent years and more CAM therapies have been shown to be of
good value, the majority of CAM therapies still remain to be evaluated.
   Claudio Andrés Uribe
   Descubren interferencias de actividad genética entre cromosomas
   En http://infociencia.blogspot.com
   Buenos Aires, Argentina

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