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RE: [escepticos] My two cents

Hola, Felipe:

   "In any case, the whole point of "my two cents worth," which originated
in the late 19th century, is that it is a faux-modest, self-deprecating
tactic used to disarm your audience before you announce your opinion. This
is especially important in the event that your opinion turns out to be
idiotic, in which case you can always claim that you warned your listeners
in advance that your opinion was next to worthless. The phrase has long
since become a cliche, and its use can be especially grating when the person
announcing the arrival of his "two cents worth" is a doctor or lawyer (or a
dentist, come to think of it) charging you two hundred dollars an hour.
Don't get me started.

"Two cents" or "two-center" has been a slang synonym for "very cheap" since
the middle of the 19th century, when the cheapest cigar available was
literally a "two- center." The U.S. Treasury Department actually issued a
two-cent coin in 1864, which was, incidentally, the first U.S. coin to bear
the motto "In God We Trust." The government, evidently feeling frisky in a
monetary sort of way, also issued coins in three-cent and twenty-cent
denominations during the same period."

Creo que te refieres a esto, ¿no?

Un saludo,

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¿Alguien conoce el origen y sentido de la dichosa expresión `mis dos
centavos'? (help Marmi) Mis búsquedas no han satisfecho mi curiosidad.


marmi wrote:
| My two cents,
| marmi

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