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Re: [escepticos] My two cents

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Fernando Cardador wrote:
| Hola, Felipe:
|    "In any case, the whole point of "my two cents worth," which originated
| in the late 19th century, is that it is a faux-modest, self-deprecating
| tactic used to disarm your audience before you announce your opinion. This
| is especially important in the event that your opinion turns out to be
| idiotic, in which case you can always claim that you warned your listeners
| in advance that your opinion was next to worthless. The phrase has long
| since become a cliche, and its use can be especially grating when the
| announcing the arrival of his "two cents worth" is a doctor or lawyer
(or a
| dentist, come to think of it) charging you two hundred dollars an hour.
| Don't get me started.
| "Two cents" or "two-center" has been a slang synonym for "very cheap"
| the middle of the 19th century, when the cheapest cigar available was
| literally a "two- center." The U.S. Treasury Department actually issued a
| two-cent coin in 1864, which was, incidentally, the first U.S. coin to
| the motto "In God We Trust." The government, evidently feeling frisky in a
| monetary sort of way, also issued coins in three-cent and twenty-cent
| denominations during the same period."
| Creo que te refieres a esto, ¿no?
| Un saludo,
| F
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| ¿Alguien conoce el origen y sentido de la dichosa expresión `mis dos
| centavos'? (help Marmi) Mis búsquedas no han satisfecho mi curiosidad.
| Saludos.
| Felipe
| marmi wrote:
| | My two cents,
| |
| |
| | marmi
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