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get out your pens


Seeing the success of the 2000 Club, and the continuing pledge input, we have
decided to expand our scope somewhat.  The present total of pledges (with some
20 or so recently-arrived pledge letters not yet entered or acknowledged) is
US$742,000.  Along the way, we've had to drop out 19 would-be pledgers who
didn't get their properly-filled-out and signed forms back to us, even after
several requests.  Those folks should see the end of this posting....

To those of you who might wonder what this is all about, I'll explain a bit.
(The name "2000 Club" was (a) a play on the TV evangelists' "700 Club," (b) a
wild presumption that by the year 2000 A.D. we could disband the club (!) and
(c) a hope that we just might attract 2000 pledgers.)  Back in October of 1995,
it was suggested to me that I could enlarge my long-standing challenge offer of
US$10,000 for a genuine paranormal/psychic/supernatural event (details on this
and on how to become a pledger are available on http://www.randi.org) simply by
asking others to pledge money to accompany mine.  That sounded like a dandy

I was naively reaching for a projected grand total of US$100,000, but within a
few days that figure had been far surpassed.  It quickly reached US$600,000,
with pledgers from fifteen countries, then levelled off to a steady trickle
until the present total was arrived at.

Pledges begin at US$1,000 (minimum) and increase in even increments of
US$1,000.  The highest are a couple at US$90,000.  We have many at the US$5,000
and US$10,000 levels.

An obvious problem was that a winner of the prize would have to call in the more
than 200 pledges from all over the world.  And, as we might expect, that excuse
was immediately seized upon by the wonder-workers, who bleated that it was a
burden to them -- though few of us would hesitate to accept that job.  We've
surmounted that excuse by agreeing that my personal pledge of US$10,000 will be
immediately paid to any winner, and that the additional sum will be paid within
7 days by the James Randi Educational Foundation.  The Foundation will then take
up the task of collecting the individual pledges, but the claimant will already
have the money in the bank.  (The 7 days would be needed to allow us to
negotiate some stock sales to have the funds paid from our immediate cash

Of course -- why are we not surprised? -- the miracle-mongers have developed a
whole spectrum of alibis for not lining up at our door to win the prize.  A few:

	(a)  I can't afford to be in a higher tax bracket.
	(b)  I'm already rich.
	(c)  I don't want the money; I'm totally spiritual.
	(d)  You wouldn't pay me the money, anyway.
	(e)  It's all a lie; there is no prize.
	(f)   It's a trap by the CIA to identify and murder me.
	(g)  The prize comes from the CIA (or from the communists).
	(h)  God told me not to get into it.
	(i)   If I win, you'll have me killed to save the money.
	(j)   You'll put out negative vibes to inhibit my powers.
	(k)  Since you're a trickster, you'll fool me somehow.
	(l)   It's too much money.
	(m) It's not enough money.
	(n)  I want the money in a pile, in cash, (or 
		a certified check) before I try.

And it goes on and on.....

All these, and many other idiotic objections, are baseless, of course.  This is
real money, the rules are ours, and the claimants cannot make their own
conditions.  It's sort of like betting at the track: if you win, the track pays.
The only differences are (a) that the claimant in our setup doesn't have to put
up anything -- not even a $2 bet -- and (b) unlike the track, we don't expect
we'll ever have to pay because there's no evidence that the horse can even walk,

let alone run.  It just might be that these folks don't have the powers they say
they have.  Could that be it?         

Well, to the main point of this communication.  I'm asking all present pledgers
if they might wish to upgrade their pledges (in increments of US$1,000 only,
please) so that by the end of 1996 we will be able to announce that we have a
whole US$1,000,000 offer to the psychics.

Since this whole matter is now being administered by the James Randi Educational
Foundation, and the Foundation is guaranteeing the payment, please communicate
with the office directly if you wish to become a new pledger or to upgrade your
present pledge.

Just in case that those would-be pledgers who failed to complete their
obligations should wish to get back into the 2000 Club, I'll list just their
surnames here.  They are:
	Aldous, Beardslee, Booth, Chappell, Eakins, 
	Ehrmantraut, Frank, Legrand, Levine (J),
	Levy, Powers, Rufener, Schroeder, Spencer,
	Steinbach, Vandermey, Wall, Williamson,
	and DeKorte.

Guys, I feel that there can be no legitimate reason why a person claiming
psychic powers will fail to be attracted to this huge, guaranteed prize.
Holding up a cool million bucks to back your opinions makes for a strong point
of argument.  Remember, as a pledger you put up nothing except your sincere
pledge to pay in the case of a winner.  No cash goes out until and unless that

I'm off to Chicago until Sunday.  Will I have a raft of pledges awaiting me when
I return.....?

					James Randi
James Randi Educational Foundation
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Fort Lauderdale FL
33316-1815  U.S.A.

phone: +1 954 467 1112
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