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CSICOP y Copyright

In article <psyspy-1609962320420001 en pa2dsp24.vegas.infi.net>,
	psyspy en vegas.infi.net (Glenn Campbell) writes:
>Because issues of copyright and privacy on the internet have yet to 
>be fully defined and are important to all web and newsgroup users, 
>I am posting to this newsgroup a letter I received today from a 
>lawyer for CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of 
>Claims of the Paranormal), the largest U.S. skeptics group.  They 
>are upset that I have reproduced a portion of one of their 
>Skeptical Inquirer articles on my Area 51 website. 

As annoying and as outdated as they may be, copyright laws
do apply to electronic publication.  If CSICOP wants to
press the matter, you don't have a leg to stand on.  As
I understand it, you may be able to use snippets of the 
article to address points, but you can't post the whole 
thing in it's entirety.  

The only exception may be if CSICOP has a site where the
info is already publicly available, i.e. a website with
articles from old issues.  You are not then making public
material which is held private.  If this is the case, you
might just as well just put a link from your site to 
CSICOP's, thereby avoiding the whole issue.

  - Pete

P.S.  If you go to court, I hope you win, but I doubt you


Así que ya sabeis que hay que pedir permiso !