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Os transmito otra divertida iniciativa de James Randi:

>We're toying with the idea of offering a free US$100,000 insurance
>policy against alien abduction, to all members.  This was suggested by
>an actual, similar offer made by a regular insurance company, and the
>news that another company based in Liechenstein has offering a
>"reincarnation account" which is designed to provide "seed capital"
>for the next life of the insured.  The $130,000 accounts would be
>invested in "conservative growth portfolios" and would have to be
>redeemed within 23 years after the insured persons death.  The
>"reincarnated" claimant would be required to answer questions that
>only they, in their previous lives, would have known the answers for.
>But what if one of those powerful psychics were to come along, divine
>the right answers, and "pass" as the real re-incarnated policy holder?
>Seems risky, doesn't it?