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[escepticos] numerologo y la cara de Marte

        Un amigo me acaba de llamar la atencion sobre un tal 
Angel Garcia que esta escribiendo en sci.math sus descubrimientos      
sobre Marte y Dios. Os mando una muestra de sus logros a titulo
de curiosidad. Hay mucho mas en su pagina, pero no lo he leido,
parece algo tipico.


 sci.math #244522
 From: bp887 en FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Angel Garcia)
 Newsgroups: sci.astro,sci.physics,sci.math
 [2] Re: The LARGEST Monument at Cydonia. PANTOCRATON !.
 Date: Thu Dec 11 02:55:28 EST 1997
 Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
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 X-Given-Sender: bp887 en freenet3.carleton.ca (Angel Garcia)

Angel Garcia (bp887 en FreeNet.Carleton.CA) writes:
> We are pleased to show the Largest Monument in the entire
> Museum of Cydonia. It is of order of 20 km in diagonal.
> Comprises two pieces: the MARTIAN-TERRESTRIAL-VENUSIAN 'homo sapiens'
> in act of praying to God in its terrible facet of PANTOCRATON (=
> The 'Most Powerful'). It is in  my URL for a while or here:
> http://www.interlog.com/~uniam/P7012.GIF
> http://www.interlog.com/~uniam/PACR.GIF
Following the scientific tradition (in its most noble and angelical facet
of disclosing and publishing immediately, even in impromptu, whatever
it is discovered) we are pleased also to present the Monument at 6th.
vertex of the regular HEXAGON (some 53 km of side and radius). Vertices
are counted in positive sense (anti-clock-wise) starting at first vertex
which is MARIA (see my URL). Thus this 6th. vertex is contiguous to
MARIA (and at some 53 km in rectilinear distance, as PANTOCRATON is).
This 6th. vertex looks the MOST mysterious and probably many researchers
have noticed it, looked to it shockingly and dismissed it as 'strange
coincidence'. Indeed that is exactly what many times happened to us at
UNIAM before 7dec1997 when the major breakthrough of the discovery of
BOUNDARY of Museum came suddenly.
Dr. Lahoz has hesitated a lot in giving a name to it: it is isolated
as if specifically 'planted' with square platform in the middle of
nowhere (a vast area of sand which was the depths of the Cydonia sea
described in previous posts). It very much looks a the character 
"Spok" in sci-fi movie: a sort of mephistophelian human face with
sharply reenterant eyebrows. Truly a 'weird ET'. By now we know
already its meaning: it stands for ETI at Uranus and beyond; the
most dearing entrerprise of our ancestor martian-jovian humans.
Two names were discussed for such shocking Monument: LIBRA
and DRACO (correspondent zodiacal signs in egyptian and chinese
versions, respectively); because it truly represents BOTH, a 'balance
of Power' and the 'supreme, cold, Power'.
Let us recall that 'square' and number 4 stands for cosmogonic symbol
of Uranus and that exactly 4 days within the crossing of uranian
plane by Voyager-2 the disaster of ill-named 'Challenger' happened...
which is a mastodontic coincidence, of course.

Dr. Lahoz has, for brevity reasons, chosen to name it, finally, LIBRA. 
See it here:
Angel, secretary of Universitas Americae (UNIAM). His proof of ETI at
Cydonia and complete Index of new "TETET-96: Faces on Mars.." by Prof.
Dr. D.G. Lahoz (leader on ETI and Cosmogony) can be studied at URL:
     http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/~bp887    ***************************