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[escepticos] nueva base de datos sobre medicinas "alternativas"

  From the Rocky Mountain Skeptics website:
  The RMS Database of Negative Testimony for Alternative Medicine
  (Go to http://bcn.boulder.co.us/community/rms/rms-altmd.htm)
  Have you had a bad experience with alternative medicine?
  We want to hear about it!
  Everyone, it seems, has heard personal testimony about the amazing
effectiveness of this or that "alternative" or "nontraditional"
medication/supplement/healing technique. Unfortunately, that's all we
get--anecdotes. Tests are rarely performed to discover if these  substances
methods really do work.
  Well, you may already know that anecdotal evidence is not the same as a
double-blind test with control groups. Or you may have learned this to your
sorrow when you used a form of alternative medicine that resulted in no
improvement to your health, the worsening of your condition, or even the
development of a new health problem. Remember the Chinese herbs that gave
people liver damage? Or the recent, notorious Phen-Fen flap? Or maybe you
tried some homeopathic medication and simply discovered that it did nothing
for you. You had nowhere to make a fuss, and the "medicine" didn't cost too
terribly much, so you just threw it away quietly, without complaint.
  We at Rocky Mountain Skeptics want to provide you, the person who had a
experience with alternative/complementary medicine, with a forum where you
speak out against the product or service that wasted your time, money, and
health. We are building up a body of anecdotal testimony--the primary kind
evidence beloved by proponents of alternative/complementary medicine, and
therefore more believable to them than those dreaded scientific tests--to
counter the outrageous claims made by herbalists, chiropractors,
and other such
  "medical" personnel. We want you to tell the world about the problems you
had from taking a particular herbal supplement, or from having mercury
fillings unnecessarily removed, or from NOT having crucial surgery done.
  PLEASE NOTE: We are not interested in testimonies, debates, or lectures
  about the efficacy of alternative/complementary medicine. Ours is a forum
exclusively for the other side.
  All data will be posted at this web site in the future. However, your
testimony can be completely anonymous if you so choose. Remember, a word
you might prevent someone else from making a serious mistake!
  (Go to http://bcn.boulder.co.us/community/rms/rms-altmd.htm)

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