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[escepticos] (Fwd) Re: Navajo Complaint (was: Son of Squirrel)

No protestes por lo de la cuota, Sauron, que no es un mensaje mío; es
un fwd.


Rebecca Stefoff wrote:
> ....  I was touched when I read about NASA's gesture and annoyed to
> learn that the Navajo protested the act's "insensitivity" to their
> beliefs....  Does anyone have an address--email or snail--for NASA
> to which a backyard skywatcher and science fan could write ....


 NASA did not produce any press release about this affair.
The _Arizona Daily Star_ story that was posted to this list was
based on interview given to the _Star_ reporter by Peggy Wilhide,
NASA's director of public affairs.  Wilhide's phone number is
202-358-1898, and her e-mail is pwilhide en hq.nasa.gov

 My info comes from one of Wilhide's subordinates in the public-
affairs office, Doug Isbell (202-358-1753; disbell en hq.nasa.gov).

        Bill Bennetta

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