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RE: [escepticos] RV: homeopathy refund stopped

Ves Javi, simplemente el rigor permite lograr esos pasos. No asi la
violencia ni la intoleranca.

>Me alegro mucho. Por aquí se empieza. Que tomen nota los españoles.

>> Bueno... no todo son malas noticias!
>> jav
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>> De: Willem Betz
>> Fecha: sábado 24 de enero de 1998 16:27
>> Asunto: homeopathy refund stopped
>> >
>> >The British Medical Journal, May 1997, Volume 314, page 1574 stated that
>> >the London health authority decided to stop payment for homeopathic
>> >treatment because there "is not enough evidence to support its use."
>> >More than 500 patients a year were referred for homeophathic
>> >treatments.  The money spent on complementary treatments could have paid
>> >for 100 hip replacments.  They have decided to pay for only evidence
>> >based treatments and found that the studies describing homeopathic
>> >treatments were "methodologically poor."  Spokesperson for the Royal
>> >Homoeopathic Hospital stated that "We should not have to justify
>> >ourselves more than conventional medicine.  Only 50% of conventional
>> >medicine is evidence based."
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