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[escepticos] Jama y las medicinas alternativas

Estoy dando un vistazo al número de Jama que José March citó en alguno de sus
mensajes. De momento, me quedo con estas frases con las que concluye el
editorial que abre el número, y sobre todo con el parrafito que dice:

"... hasta que se disponga de pruebas sólidas que demuestren la seguridad y la
eficacia de prácticas específicas de medicina aternativa, la aceptación acrítica
de terapias médicas alternativas que no han sido probadas ni comprobadas debe

Priority for research funding for alternative medicine should
                be given to investigations of relevant clinical problems for
                which well-designed studies have shown encouraging results
                for alternative therapies, especially for conditions that are
                common and those for which conventional medicine has not
                been effective. Attention should be given to evaluation of
                safety and efficacy, but also to examining the effectiveness of
                treatment strategy, with consideration of community practice
                settings, patient expectations and compliance, and
                cost-effectiveness.[20] Collaborative research, especially
                among the federally funded centers for alternative medicine
                research in the US and with international alternative
                medicine research centers, may improve efficiency in
                answering important research questions. We encourage
                high-quality, rigorous research on alternative medicine and
                invite authors to submit their best papers for our objective
                evaluation and consideration for publication.

                However, until solid evidence is available that demonstrates
                the safety, efficacy, and effectiveness of specific alternative
                medicine interventions, uncritical acceptance of untested and
                unproven alternative medicine therapies must stop.
                Alternative therapies that have been shown to be of no
                benefit (aside from possible placebo effect) or that cause harm
                should be abandoned immediately. Physicians, insurance
                plans, medical centers and hospitals, managed care
                organizations, and government policymakers should base
                decisions regarding incorporation of and payment for
                alternative medicine therapies on evidence-based research
                and objective cost-effectiveness analyses[19] rather than on
                consumer interest, market demand or competition,
                well-publicized anecdotal reports, or political pressures from
                well-organized and influential interest groups.

                Ultimately, answering fundamental questions about efficacy,
                safety, appropriate clinical applications, and meaningful
                outcomes for all medical therapies, including those considered
                alternative medicine, requires critical and objective
                assessment using accepted principles of scientific
                investigation and rigorous standards for evaluation of
                scientific evidence. For patients, for physicians and other
                health care professionals, and for alternative medicine
                practitioners-indeed, for all who share the goal of improving
                the health of individuals and of the public-there can be no