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[escepticos] Encuesta en "Philosophers"


He estado dando una vuelta por la web: "The Philosophers' Web Magazine"
(recomendable) y me ha llamado la atención la encuesta en la invitan a
participar; ¿os suena familiar?:

Please tick which of following statements you believe to be true:

    -A personal God exists
    -Gods exist (i.e., polytheism)
    -Aliens have visited earth from other planets
    -Darwinian evolution accounts for the emergence of complex organisms
     (including humans)
    -The first human beings were created and put on Earth by God
    -What goes around comes around (Karma)
    -Morality is culturally relative (i.e., moral judgements can only be
     made in terms of  the standards specific cultures)
    -Human beings have NOT yet landed a spacecraft on the moon