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[escepticos] El esquivo planeta Vulcano

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SPA Electronic News Bulletin - http://www.popastro.com

Apr 16 2000 2200 EDT
From:  "SPA Electronic News Bulletin" <SPAstronomy en aol.com>
Subject:  SPA ENB No.46


During the last century, many astronomers searched for the planet Vulcan
which was thought to orbit closer to the Sun than the planet Mercury.  SPA
member Jonathan Shanklin suggests that observations of an infra-Mercurial
"planet" at the time of a solar eclipse in 1878 may have been a member of
the Kreutz group of sungrazing comets.  The SOHO satellite has recently
recorded a number of disk shaped objects that are known to be sungrazing
comets and these could provide a satisfactory explanation for the
mysterious Vulcan observations.

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