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[escepticos] Proof that gamma-ray bursts are spaceship exhaust?

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> Subject: [>Htech] Proof that gamma-ray bursts are spaceship exhaust?
> From: Kevin Maguire <kmaguire en init.com>
> I don't have ghostscript on the machine I'm using right now, but
>     <http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/physics/0004034 >
> bears the title "On the Physical Cause and the Distance of Gamma Ray
> Bursts and Related Phenomena in the X-Rays and the Ultra-Violet", and
> the abstract reads:
>      The modified Lorentz transformation of a distance-dependent
>      special theory of relativity - which will be briefly summarized -
>      predicts the possibility of superluminal velocity of very
>      distantly moving material bodies to be connected with the
>      generation of Cerencov radiation off the quantum vacuum. It is shown
>      that vacuum Cerencov radiation due to the superluminal
>      propagation of extraterrestrial spaceprobes in the interstellar
>      space would account for all known properties of gamma ray bursts
>      (GRBs) and the "afterglow" at lower frequencies. Distances and
>      other parameter prove to be calculable and the theoretical
>      results on these grounds to be in good accord with experiment.