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[escepticos] ¿Alguien sabe algo de esto que lei en circlemakers.org?

Acabo de leer esto que os pasteo aqui, habeis oido algo?
SYDNEY, Australia (Wireless Flash) -- An Australian paranormal researcher is accusing Disney Studios of faking crop circles around the world to promote an upcoming movie. Paranormal researcher Tim Bull -- better known as "Tim the Yowie Man" -- says there has been a tremendous increase in crop circles sightings in places that usually don't have crop circles, such as South Africa. Bull believes the bumper crop of mysterious circles is a publicity stunt by Disney to promote Signs, a new film starring Mel Gibson as a farmer who discovers a crop circle on his field. Disney spokeswoman Heidi Trotta insists the studio isn't planting crop circles, but is happy people are thinking about the movie which will open next summer.