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[escepticos] Fw: New Groundbreaking Source of Energy Discovered

Esto del SPAM es curioso. Últimamente apenas recibo nada de pornografía, que
hace unos meses era la estrella. En cambio estoy puntualmente infomado de
impresionantes avances científicos y tecnológicos como éste.

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Subject: Re: New Groundbreaking Source of Energy Discovered

Dear Scientists and fellow citizens,

Very recently, a new ground-breaking source of energy has been discovered.
This new energy is called "the quantum energy," which originates from the
quantum plasma macro-object known as the "ball lightning".  For the first
time, this naturally occurring phenomenon was reproduced in the laboratory
environment.  After years of secret research and development, we are ready
to share our discovery with the scientific community.

Within this decade, this extraordinary event will change the way we perceive
science.  Why?  This energy is truly "unlimited".  It comes from within, and
is the quantum gift of nature.  In the dimensional transition, the energy
given off by macro-object exceeds the energy consumed during its creation.
This "free" energy is the foundation of our discovery.  Moreover, in the
process we have created a compact electron particle accelerator that is more
efficient than the world's largest circular accelerator (CERN, Geneva),
promising up to 13,500GeV - that's almost twice as powerful.  We have
charted the new science, General Quantum Mechanics, which was used to
develop our first demonstrational prototype.  We are now moving on toward
industrial implementation, and are in process of building our first 100KWATT
industrial generator.

If you are even remotely interested or intrigued by this phenomenal
discovery, all pertinent information, including pictures, has been published
on our website:


If you would like to obtain published literature, two publications are
available at http://www.chukanovenergy.com/learning.htm :

FINAL QUANTUM REVELATION: General Theory of World Organization (ISBN
GENERAL QUANTUM MECHANICS: The Great Reform of Science (ISBN 0-9665261-1-2)

These two publications complete Dr. Kiril Chukanov's scientific work
entitled: General Quantum Mechanics

To join our non-commercial mailing list, please follow the following URL:

I sincerely hope that you will find this topic interesting and revealing, as
well as educational.


Alexander Sammons.
Chukanov Quantum Energy, LLC.
asammons en racer.satx.rr.com

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