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Re: [escepticos] RE Formatos de documento virtual (era Escepticismo y respeto)

Carlos Ungil escribió:
Hola, hola.
Incorrecto ;-)
Adobe Acrobat Reader - El lector (obvio)
Adobe Acrobat /Distiller/ (...) - El editor, un programa de maquetación, vamos

También incorrecto :-D

Adobe Reader (antes Adobe Acrobat Reader) es el lector.
Adobe Acrobat Distiller convierte PostScript a PDF (no sé si existe todavía)
Adobe Acrobat (a secas) es el editor.

() Del manual -Help- del Adobe Acrobat 5.0

Creating Adobe PDF FilesAcrobat offers you a variety of methods for converting electronic files from virtually any application to the Portable Document Format (PDF). It also gives you powerful tools for managing fonts, images, and color in your Adobe PDF files.

Using Acrobat DistillerAcrobat uses Acrobat Distiller—a simulated printer—to create Adobe PDF files. All the components necessary to create this printer are installed and configured automatically when you perform a typical installation of Acrobat so that you are ready to create Adobe PDF files right away. (If you did not use the default installation and did not include the necessary drivers in a custom installation, you can install the most recent printer drivers from the Adobe Web site at www.adobe.com.)