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[escepticos] RV: DNA messages (was: seeds of industry)

Por supuesto, parece bastante inverosímil... Pero no os parece una idea
genial para una novela de ciencia ficción? De todas formas... Q
posibilidades existen realmente de investigar este tipo de almacenaje de
información? Biólogos de la lista, enseñad!! ;-)
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Fecha: lunes 19 de enero de 1998 11:00
Asunto: HIT: DNA messages (was: seeds of industry)

>>>   If you're feeling ambitious, possibly even code the library into
>>> DNA, and let them loose.  People will need advanced technology to *get*
>>> information, but at least if they re-achieve a certain level it'll be
>>> waiting for them.  Some bacteria will mutate, but errors can be averaged
>>> from a large sample...
>>What about making message a vital part of DNA or making all bacteria
>>attack ones with corrupted version?
>Well, maybe new viruses that appear from time to time are in reality
>greeting cards from some extraterrestrial civilisation that tries to send
>a message. Maybe they even don't know enough our biology and have no idea
>that their way of communication might be pathogenous for us.
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