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[escepticos] [Fwd: Telepathy and the Discrete Individual]

Como podéis ver, nos invaden por todos los lados. Ahí va un forward de
la lista "arch-theory" que, como su nombre indica, se dedica a la teoría
arqueológica (invadida por posmos, of course).

¿Alguna indicación sobre la revista o los autores que citan?



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Elliot  Richmond  wrote :

> In the midst of an erudite conversation (which I have not been following
> closely) I find the following comment
> "telepathy  is _a  scientifically proven  fact_"

I  made  that  statement. Martin  Byers  contributed  the  erudition.
> I am not sure (and don't much care) which of the conversants made the
> statement.  However it is utter nonsense.  There is no scientific basis for
> claims of telepathy of any other "paranormal" phenomena.  The literature on
> this subject is vast, but you may want to begin with books on the subject
> by The Amazing Randi, a magician who has devoted much of his career to
> debunking claims of telepathy and other "paranormal" phenomena.

I  have  to  say  that  your  statement , " There is no scientific basis for
 claims of telepathy.." is  utter  nonsense. For a PhD candidate in  science
education, you  do  not  seem  to   be  very  well  informed.

Indeed, the  literature  is  vast. I  prefer  to  base  my  evaluation  upon
the  work and the  hard  evidence  provided  by  serious reputable  scientists, 
rather than  magicians. ( and yes, I am  familiar with  Amazing Randi.)

If  you  know  of  any  serious  criticism  of  the  experiments  by J. Grinberg-Zylberbaum 
at the National University of Mexico, perhaps  you  will  let  me  know.
The  research  was  published  in  'Physics  Essays'.

Or  perhaps  I  must  just  accept  your  bigoted  declaration  that 
 " There is no scientific basis for claims of telepathy.." and  accept  
that  these  guys  aren't  scientists  and  don't  know  what  they're  talking  about ? 

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