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[escepticos] RE: Flores de Bach

Sobre las flores de Bach, te recomiendo un artículo en Skeptical Inquirer
(Vol. 19, No. 4, July/August 1995) sobre el tema:
"Bach Flower Remedies: Time to Stop Smelling the Flowers?", de Lynn

En la web de CSICOP tienes una definición de lo que es esta tontería

Bach flower therapy (Bach flower essence method, Bach flower essence

Quasi-homeopathic system of pseudodiagnosis and pseudotherapy developed in
the 1930s by British physician Edward Bach (1886-1936). (See Lynn
McCutcheon, "Bach Flower Remedies: Time to Stop Smelling the Flowers?" SI,
July-August 1995.) Bach put forth his philosophy in Heal Thyself: An
Explanation of the Real Cause and Cure of Disease, first published in 1931.
Therein he described five "fundamental truths":

1. Souls, invincible and immortal sparks of the "Almighty," are the "real,"
"Higher" selves of humans.
2. Humanity's purpose is to develop virtues and wipe out all intrapersonal
wrongs. Souls know what circumstances conduce to the perfection of human
3. One's lifetime is a minuscule part of one's evolution.
4. When one's "Soul" and personality are "in harmony," one is healthy and
happy. The straying of the personality from the dictates of the "Soul" is
the "root cause" of disease and unhappiness.
5. The "Creator of all things" is "Love," and everything of which humans are
conscious manifests the "Creator."

Bach held that disease was essentially beneficial and that its design was to
subject the personality to the "Divine will" of the "Soul." Supposedly, he
"psychically" discovered the specific "healing" effects of 38 wildflowers.
The "life force" ("soul quality" or "energy wavelength") of each of these
flowers allegedly is transferable to water and thence to humans. Each of the
so-called Bach flower remedies is a liquid that supposedly contains a "soul
quality" with an affinity to a human "soul quality"; and each vegetable
"soul quality" allegedly harmonizes its human counterpart with the "Soul."
The bases of classical "diagnosis" are conversation and intuition.
Administration of the "remedies" is usually oral but may be external.


javier armentia