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[escepticos] Mártires transgénicos

¡Qué error, qué inmenso error! ¿Serán burros? ¿No se les ocurre que esto
es tanto como "ofrecer" mártires a las grandes multinacionales de los
alimentos transgénicos? Cuando no se dispone de razones científicas, se
recurre a la violencia..... ¿Nueva versión (transgénica) del Chicago años 20?

Saludos apenados.

Josep Català
____________Documento recibido de fuente absolutamente fiable__________

En/Na "C. S. Prakash" ha escrit:

> Recently the respected professor at University of California Davis Dr.
> Martina McClaughlin was assaulted with a pie after her lecture at the
> Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.  Martina later wrote to me "I thought
> that it was interesting that the cake was  store bought and no doubt
> contained GMOs - In addition she [the assaulter] left behind a  bottle of
> nail varnish - obviously she is so concerned about the earth that  she uses
> frivolous non-renewable petroleum-based products!"
> See below for a shameless communique from the activist group involved in
> this lowly act
> - CSP
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Subj:  BAN: BBB Pies UC-Davis Biotechnology Director!
> Date: 04/11/2000 11:01:07 PM Central Daylight Time
> From: ban en dojo.tao.ca <ban@...>
> Communiqué
> Biotic Baking Brigade (BBB)
> Ecotopia Cell
> 11 April 2000
> After a long hiatus, we  swung into action today and delivered two pies to
> the kisser of Martina McClaughlin, Director of Biotechnology at the
> University of California at Davis.
> The General Command of the BBB met earlier today spurred by an anonymous tip
> that a big biotechnology supporter was entering our stronghold of San
> Francisco, CA, U$A.  After agents were chosen, it was just a matter of time
> before pies were to fly. BBB specially-trained agents had no problem
> infiltrating the building  and patiently sat through the debate on
> genetically engineered organisms in the environment. As McClaughlin left the
> stage, Agent Chocolate Silk delivered the first edible projectile using the
> patented Pie Slam Dunk©. As she was freeing herself from an overly
> aggressive biotech supporter, Agent Raspberry snuck by the crowd and
> delivered a second helping of good ol' cherry pie to the unsuspecting pie-e.
> "Director of Biotechnology" is an odd title for a person who merely lies on
> behalf of UC-Davis's heinous biotechnology program. According to
> McClaughlin, "Unless we will accept starvation or placing parks and the
> Amazon basin under the plow, there really is no alternative to applying
> biotechnology to agriculture. Biotechnology should be looked upon not only
> as a solution to problems but as a mechanism to improve the quality of life
> and the quality of the environment. "This kind of corporate bullshit needs
> to be addressed!
> UC-Davis is no danger to biotechnology, having entertained deals with
> Monsanto and other multinationals. Similar to most publicly-funded
> universities, UC Davis relies on massive amounts of corporate funding to
> keep its extensive biotechnology program alive.
> UC-Davis has come under fire in the last year for their role in promoting
> the dangerous technology called biotechnology. Since 1999, their have been
> over four genetically engineered crops destroyed at UC-Davis; among them
> were Monsanto Round-Up Ready sugarbeets and GE corn, melons and tomatoes.
> Despite the evidence presented to the press, Ms. McClaughlin denied the
> nature of the crops instead choosing to call the crop pullers, "vandals"
> UC-Davis (and the UC system in general)  is no stranger to the BBB having
> received visits from us on various occasions: 1998's  "Operation Double
> Fudge" in which we visited both UC Davis to pie  Chancellor Vanderhoorf over
> a deal with Monsanto and UC-Berkeley to pie Dean Gordon Rausser and Novartis
> President Doug Watson over the University's nefarious $25 Million deal with
> multinational giant Novartis. Last but not least, let us not forget the
> pie-ing of vivisector Russel DeValois on World Week for Animals in Labs last
> year either.
> "We must resist the commodification of life at all coast-and by any means!",
> "If we stay silent while multinational corporations kill butterflies with GE
> corn, clone animals and destroy  the environment with their genetically
> mutilated crops,  than we deserve industrial society". We must continue to
> fight! said Agent Chocolate Silk. This action is dedicated to you brave
> warriors out there resisting; fighting the biotech monster and changing the
> way Amerikans look at GMO's. You know who you are and you're an inspiration
> to us all.
> For more information, try : bbb en asis.com <mailto:bbb en asis.com>
> In defense of pastry and all things sweet,
> Special Agent Key Lime
> General Command of the Biotic Baking Brigade-Ecotopia Cell